I just tipped over a glass and now the water is dripping all over the place. My Accounting book will now have a bunch of wavy pages and is destined to never close properly again. I am delirious. Ben is helping me write a 'Personal Statement' for my application. Just spent two hours on the phone extolling (ugh) the virtues (ugh) of myself. More psychological dentistry in the name of potential employment.

I met David who passed on a letter of reference from my old job. We talked about a bunch of stuff and at one point I made him extremely uncomfortable. Well, everyone KNEW he liked her and someone just HAD to come out and say it. We gossiped about work; it was kind of fun. David is a good guy. He says things so eloquently my sentences seem like random noise.

J from school came by just now. He has no common sense! He rang my landlord's doorbell at close to midnight! Wrong fucking door! Anyway, they really liked my apartment. J and his friend are strong Christians. He is all glowy about things.

Finally I will have this application done tomorrow. I have stepped through the ring of fire to get to this point. They must hire me. PS. Where I live it is still 11:56, Nov 23. I am not writing on the wrong day