I sauntered into my class an hour late with my giant hat and crazy hair. The business drones were all cooking up things the Prof. could write on the board. He then wrote eight lists and tried to prove they were all interconnected based on these insane assertions. I had this Prof. two years ago so I am relieved to know his stupidity does not leak into marking.

A great Architecture Prof. is teaching my Innovation class. He has done these bridge breaking contests on our University TV station since I was a kid. Such a good-natured, intelligent guy. It is his last year before he retires so I am extremely lucky to have him. There is only 20 people in the class and he and I had a chat before it started. Although I am looking forward to the class, there is this stupid personal problem: a guy I asked out once through e-mail is in my class. He never replied back then and I have felt like an idiot around him ever since. Hopefully he will drop the course. It sounds stupid, but he is the only guy in my life to ever reject me without me ultimately winning him.

I wept when I saw the skaters on the way home.