Gillette also owns Braun, Oral B and Duracell. They are rated as the second most profitable brand according to the Interbrand survey, snuggled right between Coca Cola and Luis Vuitton.

Gillette was founded by King Gillette in the 30's when he released the disposable razor. Instead of maintaining the razor by constantly sharpening he wanted to have a blade that was sharpened by the manufacturer then thrown away when dull. They have been known as innovators ever since. My God, a razor is a razor, isn't it??? Some giant leaps forward for the shaving industry include that little creamy strip on the top and the pivot head. This is what people pay extra for and make a brand the second most profitable in the world! Gillette has over 250 men shave at their testing plant every morning for R&D. Their next release will be a women's version of the Mach 3 with bright colors and an 'independent style that women love'. Ow.