I finished Final Fantasy IX last night. Like Tom Robbins said, I feel like a moth after the flame has been extinguished - relieved that I can finally relax but somehow missing the focus. My last exam is today: Operations Research, it should be okay. I have to keep pushing. I can't stop now.

One of my professors recommended that I apply for a job at an Architecture firm after I graduate. It would be a writing job, communicating some of their ideas since they are on the cutting edge of some new research. I am going to apply - is there light at the end of the tunnel?

I feel so low lately. All of the nodes above me were like therapy, seeing that others feel as I do. I cannot go gently into the indifference, as the mangled quote goes. I have to stay still, slowly inch forward or leap ahead. Going back is not an option. Tomorrow I can breathe clean air. Thursday I must fast for the procedure. Friday I go to the doctor. Sunday I leave to see my family. After I come back, I can take another breath. Then I can see my loving Ben. It is all going to be okay.