"Der bewegte Mann", released in 1994, is one of the most successful German movies. There is also an English version under the title "Maybe, maybe not" (thanks, imdb). Set in the gay scene and based on a comic by Ralf König, the movie was written and directed by Sönke Wortmann. It features among others Til Schweiger (Axel Feldheim), Katja Riemann (Doro Feldheim), Joachim Krol (Norbert Brommer) and Rufus Beck (Walter / Waltraud). It won numerous awards, eg the "Deutscher Filmpreis".

Now for a brief summary of the story (spoilers ahead): Axel gets caught cheating on his girlfriend, who promptly throws him out of their apartment. He gets to know Walter, who is actually a drag queen. Walter has a crush on Axel and invites him to stay at his place. They go to a gay party together, but in the end Axel goes home with shy Norbert, a friend of Walter's. During a trip to Axel's old place to get some of his stuff, Norbert and Axel start making out and (of course) get caught by Doro, who meanwhile has realized she is pregnant. Axel and Doro get back together, though she remains suspicious of homosexual tendencies. A problem however are Axel's apprehensions about sex with a pregnant woman, so he takes the first chance to cheat on Doro again - in Norbert's apartment! When Doro shows up there, Axel is totally drugged out and Norbert has to take her to the hospital, where he is promptly mistaken for the father and made to watch the delivery.

Ok, I have to admit, this description does not at all do justice to the movie. Maybe it's because I didn't include the hilarious dialogues and side characters which really make this movie worthwhile. I have only seen the German version, so I don't know if the English translation measures up, but all I can say is that it's one of those movies you can watch fifty times ... a friend of mine actually did :)