Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken from 2004 was written and directed by Achim von Borries and features among others August Diehl, Daniel Brühl and Anna Maria Mühe. The English title is Love in Thoughts.

Based on a true story, the "Steglitz student tragedy" from 1927, the movie is set in Berlin in the roaring twenties. It tells the story of Paul, his close friend Günther, his sister Hilde (Günther's, that is - the English language is definitely lacking pronouns), her friend Elli and her lover Hans. They all meet for a summer party weekend at the country house of Günther's and Hilde's rich parents. Paul is a poet and rather unassertive, especially compared to Günther. The two are seeking the "apex of life", the ideal love. They want to live to the fullest, love without compromise, to the end. They take an oath to depart this life when the apex is reached. Or when they fail reaching it.

And there is indeed a lot of love in the air :) Paul is in love with Hilde. Hilde likes his poetic way, but has an affair with Hans, who has a rather lower class background. Günther had an affair with Hans as well, but does not want to see him any more. Last not least, Elli fancies Paul, though she knows he's into wild Hilde. During the party, fueled by beer, absinth and music, the tragedy unfolds ...

This movie really has style, beautiful images and excellent acting by Germany's shooting stars. Now go see it!

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