(this isn't an subjective commentary on coffee blends...)

Why isn't Starbucks Seattle's Best Coffee? You have to be from Seattle to truely appreciate this. There are Starbucks EVERYWHERE. People across the country think they are an organization of the devil (and the second home of Doctor Evil). However, all of that aside, Starbucks can never be Seattle's Best Coffee.

Seattle's Best Coffee is a smaller, but still somewhat national chain of coffee vendors. They are in several airports (Detroit?), and are fairly well known, but they have no where near the presence of the aforementioned giant.

"So what's the point?", you ask.

The point is, my java-craving friend, that you can walk into any Starbucks, (this works the best in Seattle), and ask:

"Are you Seattle's Best Coffee?"

And much to the dismay of all the Starbucks owners across the world, they, by law, have to say:


And thus, by a small matter of trademark, and having nothing to do with any brewed liquid, Starbucks will never be Seattle's best coffee.