I took my trigonometry exam today. I had a 107%, so I needed at least a 53% to get an A. I studied for about three hours because, if I got an A- or a B, I would kick myself for not taking the exam seriously.

I have much studying to do for my chemistry exam, which will either leave me with an A or, if I really fuck up, something less. I think tonight I will drink, though, because after three days, I need to get the yen out of my system.

Today I will watch Amelie and read Atlas Shrugged and nodes, of course. I have almost earned the right to vote on E2. After this writeup I will need to write three more nodes and earn ten XP. I am pumped for the day I reach the wee level of novice, for then I can voice my opinion at a place where my vote counts.

I feel good today. I will be going home for three lazy weeks this coming Thursday. I plan to get some things done that I've been meaning to do for a long time. What I have planned for Christmas break:

  • start and finish all my Christmass shopping in three days
  • finish reading Atlas Shrugged
  • read one half of Shakespeare's plays
  • find a job for next summer (I'm not going to procrastinate and get stuck with a job serving food)
  • fire off a couple rounds in a .357 magnum
  • relax, relax, RELAX