I'm sitting at a round table with Saige and sensei. Heaped in the middle of the table are words of all sizes and shapes. Oh - and colors. It's like we're trying to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle, and all of the pieces have been dumped into the middle of the table, and we have to start to imagine some possible order to it all. But the pieces move. We're elbow deep in little squirming words, and have no idea what the picture should be. Occasionally other people appear at the table, and toss shiny new words onto the pile, or piece them together with us. Then they flicker out. Other times, it's like one of those games where the heads, torso, feet are on separate tumblers and you twist it around to make new people. (POOF) It's DMan. (TUMBLE) It's yossarian. (CLICKETA) Magenta. (and so on.)

We keep holding up beautiful pieces to the light, and exclaiming over them. Sensei finds ones good enough to eat. No, better. This just goes on and on. Sometimes there are sharp ones in the pile, but we put our pricked fingers in our mouths unil the bleeding stops and continue on with our other hand.

This was actually a short dream. But it's still going on, in some sense. And, Oh My! I had an Everything Dream!.