Renn Fayre is the biggest party of the year at Reed College. At Renn Fayre, you can get all the drugs you want and participate in activities such as: Eat Bugs for Money, naked slip and slide, and picting (painting yourself blue). Renn Fayre is 2 weekends before finals.

Renn Fayre 2000

The theme of the year is superheroes. I wear with an American flag with a hole in it as my poncho, and I carry a gas mask.

The entire campus is decorated with streamers, lights, and glitter. There is a maze, a medical tent, and a big wooden structure.

At about 3:00 P.M, the celebrations begin in front of the library. There's a big brazier, with flaming thesis notes. As the day wears on, more people burn their notes. Last year, there was just a big pile of burning thesis notes - this seems safer. Champagne bottle corks are popped, and people wander around squirting each-other with champagne. There are small fireworks, a paper-mache dragon belching orange smoke, and great weirdness. A prof attempts to leave in his red penis car. His car is attacked with silly string, another prof sits on it, and he has to stop frequently to avoid Chunk 666 members on silly bikes. He eventually escapes.

I go back to my dorm, to download the pictures off of my digital camera.

At around ten after 4, seniors walk over to Eliot hall. The party continues. People climb on the giant wooden structure (erected by Chunk 666). An area of the front lawn is cleared, and 3 people parachute down into it, spewing smoke from their feet. It's really pretty. People load potato guns with cups of dry rice, and shower the assembled masses. The wooden structure is torn down by the crowd and destroyed.

Chunkathalon at night - people riding around on weird bicycles stooting off fireworks. Lots of fireworks.


Human chess in the afternoon. I was a pawn; I stood still for most of the game and then was killed. Then I played in the rock-em-sock-em death arena. That is, I giant, inflated circular arena, 20 feet across, with a raised center. You and your opponent each get a padded staff, five feet long and one foot in diameter, and beat the shit of each other.

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