There are two sounds in silence that are inescapable. As you find yourself alone in a place with no sounds, none whatsoever, there is still a constant ringing, a whine in your ears. No doubt it has driven you to the brink of madness in your pursuit for silence, for it is only in silence that it is heard and only in silence does it become deafening.

There are actually two sounds, though most don't discern the two. Listen carefully; you will hear a distinctly high-pitched whine that does not fluctuate and a lower toned stream of sound that may seem to increase and decrease in volume and pitch.

What the hell are they? Your nervous system and circulatory system, respectively. The reason the second sound may seem to vary in pitch and volume is because as your circulation increases or decreases in speed, the sound will alter. The first sound is constant because the nervous system is constant--it doesn't go faster. Even then, stimulation of the nervous system would run concurrently with other events, which would likely distract you from changes in the pitch of the sound.

That is the sound and the price of silence.