The part of a living creature reponsible for distribution of important materials throughout the body. The one responsible for the blood in humans and other life forms on the planet.

Includes the arteries, veins, capillaries, and heart. There may be other, less significant parts also.

The Circulatory System is a band composed of Will Cullen Hart, Peter Erchick, John Fernandes, Hannah Jones, and Heather McIntosh. Will, Peter and John were all members of the band Olivia Tremor Control, while Hannah and Heather were recruited for this endeavor. The band was initially formed in 2000 after Olivia Tremor Control disbanded, and Will Hart was encouraged by friends (specifically John Fernandes) to finish some incomplete demos that he had been working on while a member of OTC. So, after gathering up the would be members of the band, and a few Elephant 6 friends (like Jeff Mangum), The Circulatory System began recording their first album at Radium Recording Studio in Athens, Georgia, and their self-titled album was released in August of 2001, under their own label, Cloud Recordings.

The band then proceeded to tour in September of 2001. At each of their shows, the band made available for purchase special CD-Rs of the bands work, each with its own original artwork (provided by Will Hart), and different remixes or variations on songs from the album. These special offers were referred to as "Inside Views," and can be found on The Circulatory Systems website. As of now, The Circulatory System is working on a second release. However, according to the Elephant 6 website, there is no official release date.

I was first attracted to this band when I read somewhere that Jeff Mangum was involved, and after falling in love with Neutral Milk Hotel, it seemed only natural that I give The Circulatory System a listen. Well, I was a little saddened when I saw that Mangum played more of a supportive, and less emphasized role on this album. However, I quickly forgot about this small matter after my first time through this CD. I was left in sheer awe by how moving and haunting The Circulatory System sounds. It's hard to describe, as each song is different from its peers, and there is just so much going on in every song, that it is often hard just to identify which instruments are being played. If asked to liken this band to another though, I would have to go with the most commonly used answers: either The Beatles, or The Beach Boys. However, at times I would say that they sound somewhat similar to The Shins. There is nothing bad I can say about this band, or their CD. I don't mean to sound like an ad for The Circulatory System, but they are just such a staggeringly good band that I can't help myself. They have definitely found a special place in my CD collection.

Discography Circulatory System

    Side One
  1. yesterday's world
  2. prehistoric
  3. diary of wood
  4. outside blasts
  5. joy
  6. the lovely universe
  7. round
  8. inside blasts
  9. illusion
  10. waves of bark and light
  11. Side Two
  12. now
  13. a peek
  14. fingers
  15. days to come (in photographs)
  16. symbols and maps
  17. the pillow
  18. stars
  19. should a cloud replace a compass?
  20. time or dateline
  21. how long?
  22. your paradise
  23. forever

Here's a list of people involved in their fist production of their first CD:


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