I dreamt of E2.

I spent the night last night with the woman I've been pursuing for the past ten weeks. I adore the time I spend with her and it is only now that I can finally say I have won her over. We laid in bed together, cuddled closely, her back to my chest. I fell asleep with my arms around her, into a shallow but pleasurable rest. I woke intermittently, likely because I haven't slept with anyone (save her in the past few days) in about seven months. It was those moments of waking sleep that were most joyful and most confusing.

You see, I was dreaming about E2. I don't know why. If you've read any of my other dream logs, then you likely know I dream in color. In addition, I see words and understand their meaning; it is said that one cannot read words while dreaming, and if this is true then I am simply remembering the image of the words in my mind. Regardless, they were there.

dem bones

Man oh man, what the FUCK are you guys doing in my dreams? Don't get me wrong; they're all nice guys, but I mean, Jesus, I need to cut back on E2. It's not like this was a dream where we were physically in each other's presence, either. I was noding, and they were in the catbox.

It gets worse.

The woman after whom I've pined for so long and whom I now find in my arms had, apparently, joined the ranks of noders and written a writeup in this dream. It was apparently a very good writeup and was commented on by the above jokers. I wanted to upvote it.

Now imagine that you're dreaming this while half awake holding on to your new lover and whispering in her ear what you thought of her writeup and how you want to upvote it, while alternately kissing her neck.

Hypnagogic hallucinations, anyone?

Jesus, I'm glad I caught myself before she woke up and understood that I was trying to talk to her about E2 and calling her yossarian. I don't know how I would explain some of my old day logs...

The moral? I need a break. I think I found her.