We called it 5 stars camping, we had an electric generator that can pump up 5000 watts, TV, sattalite dish that gave us 600 channels, Xbox, and a DVD player. We set up a huge guests tent, and 2 sleeping tents with 4 beds in each tent.

I camped in Neiyriah desert located in Saudi from Jan 7th to Jan 10th. Kuwait border was around 200 kilometers from our camp. The weather gets freezing at night, around 10c, and warm at day, around 30c. I had to buy my self wool socks from a gas station around 5 Kilometers from where we were camped using an ATV that can do 120 KPH, since I made the mistake of wearing sandals that day, a mistake that turned my toes blue and I could not feel my toes when the dry weather froze to 10c. I probably would have cut off my toes from ice bite if I did'nt warm them up that day.

We hunted some indiginous life forms, mainly desert rodents called jarboo, not to be found any where in the world except for the Arabian peninsula. We called them mini kangaroos because they hop around as their mean of transportation. Some people eat jarboo because jarboo diet consists of grass and bushes, and the religious authorities had classified their meat as halal. We used 1,500,000 candle power flash lights, so does the manufacturer claim, to blind the jaraboos we found at night because they are nocturnal, and slowly moved to where they were standing so they would not hear us coming. Out of the 8 we found, we only caught 1. We set it free after catching it. We used a GPS to go 10 kilometers in land so we would not get lost in our jarboo hunting.