Though Tidus is the narrator of the game, the standin for the player, and the only character you actually get to name (his name is never spoken in the voice-acted dialogue), Tidus can be mighty hard to sympathize with. Why?

I think it's because while Final Fantasy X's writers told a great story on a grand scale, they really blew the fine details. And while translator A. O. Smith did a beautiful job in Final Fantasy XII, his work is less polished here. In the beginning of the game, Tidus is perpetually whining, and James Arnold Taylor goes ahead and makes it as annoying as he can. Remember when he wakes up in the cave and says "I need food!" like it's some great revelation? This is supposed to set him up for some character development that unfortunately never really happens. He's supposed to mature and take charge, but it's only through the prompting of Rikku ("Just now, you sounded like a leader!") that we're told that this is supposedly what happened. In truth he spends 90% of the game as either a whiner or just some sort of adolescent jerk.

The other major thing distracting from our sympathy for Tidus is the pacing of the game. Instead of speeding up at the most critical moments, the game bogs down in cinematics or else takes a break to let you go on some side-quests for a while. This is bad enough in itself, but the effect it has on Tidus is to make him appear a little bit slow. You see, the game has a big secret. Or at least it thinks it does. All the other characters know it, and we know it too, ages before Tidus does. When he finds out, breaks down, and can't choose between a temper tantrum and getting all weepy, we don't want to share his grief, we want to say "hey jackass, where have you been?".

So what's my point? I suppose it's that despite all of its flaws, I stand behind my assertion that on that really big, majestic scale, the game does a pretty good job. In fact, it's probably full of wonderful things you never noticed before. So here's my suggestion.

If you haven't played the game, play it once, as a game, to beat it. Get it out of your system.

Then play it again, and try to notice everything. Interrelations between the characters. Hints in the dialogue that the translators thought would bring you deeper into the story, but missed the first time. Patterns of power in the world. Even the art.

Then play it a third time, to really appreciate the thing. Look beyond the imperfections, beneath the surface, and straight into the creators' minds. Imagine it as it would have been without the awkward moments and language barriers. Say "wow".

Honestly I think this applies to any good game, movie, or book. Worth doing is worth doing right, and to me that includes enjoying art. But I think Final Fantasy X is especially deserving.