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Do you have a problem with Christmas?

Have you just had to spend the last week doing the smile and nod, smile and nod routine, thanking your granny for that lovely maroon and orange hand knitter jumper? Were you forced to watch the Eastenders omnibus? Did you really sit through Titanic? Did you take revenge by poisoning the ears of rosy-cheeked infants with tales of the non-existance of Santa Claus? Do christmas crackers set off your shellshock? Are you sick to death of mince pies? Do you have performance anxiety when faced with another round of Trivial Pursuit? Do you worry about the fate of all the turkeys of the world? Do you fear and loath the crowds of Oxford Street shoppers?

Friends, Noders, Londoners: there is a way out.

Gather around the monkey and drink. Again.

And now it's time for the second time, the post-christmas, pre-new-year monkey business. Feed the monkey your love. Feed your thirst with some drinking, some talking, some hanging out and some scurrilous gossip. Go on, you know you want to...

The where and the when and the huh what?

This saturday, December 30th (no, it's not New Year's Eve). How does 5pm suit people? gives you time to rampage around the sales, to potter around the new great court at the british museum or get some earlyu headstart drinking in...

I suggest that Yo!Below in soho would suit our purposes well. It has drinks (including a scary delicious vodka and lipovit drink that's flourescent green). It has huge bed couches to sprawl drape drunken bodies on. it has FREE MASSAGE. It's on Poland Street, just next to (and below) Yo!Sushi, at the end of D'Arbley Street, about 3 blocks down from Oxford Street. Need a map?

Who: YOU! but...which you? can you come along? will you come out to play?