Oxford Street is one of the most well-known streets in Sydney, and extends from Liverpool, College, Wentworth Streets and Hyde Park at Whitlam Square in Darlinghurst, then continues up past Crown Street, then Flinders and Bourke Streets at Taylor Square then past the Court House and Darlinghurst Road to Victoria Street, South Dowling Street and St Vincent's Hospital at Paddington where the numbers start again, past Victoria Barracks, Paddington Town Hall, then past Centennial Park at Woollahra where the numbers start again and on into Bondi Junction.

In essence, Oxford Street is the lifeline into the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Oxford Street is also a great place to shop (eg. bookshops Ariel or Berkelouw); or see a film at the Chauvel or Verona at the Paddington end.

Alternatively cruise in the cafes or clubs at the Darlinghurst end, the focus for gay activity in Sydney.

If you're a scene queen, this is the place to go. Buffed built wogs in muscle tees move imperceptibly beside impossibly tiny girls with perfect hair and scraps of lycra for frocks, dancing around their handbags. These same girls also double as fag hags, but are distinguishable from femme dykes (who I once thought were but now know are not the same as lipstick lesbians).

The detritus of life washes up on Oxford Street, just before it leaves for Kings Cross. For beautiful people it's the place to be seen. Visit the Oxford or Courthouse Hotels, the Stonewall, the Midnight Shift, the Barracks Bar, DCM, The Taxi Club (Flinders Street) - just make sure you don't walk into the wrong bar...

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