• I was in a dark room, playing paintball against one opponent. I had the height advantage but my opponent was quite a good shot. I remember being quite terrified when I was shot at. When I woke up, I was suprised it was a dream. Anyway, we played round after round. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. Eventually, we both walked off the place of combat. I caught a glimpse of my opponent. It was Lindsay. We looked at each other, and before I knew it, we were making out.

  • I was at the mall and I bumped into girl X and a friend of hers. I didn't say much and continued my activites.. In the mean time, I took a few tests. When I saw X again, I told her how I did on my tests. I got an award in singing and best overall in reading. "Strange," I told her, "I thought those were my worst subjects." She asked if she could go take a ride in my car and if we could go somewhere afterword.

    I told her, "Sure, but let me get my knifes back first. I lent them to a store to put on display." I went to that store and got my two knifes back. Right after I left the store, I saw my chess set on the floor, mixed with about 2 other sets. I carefully seperated my pieces from the rest by checking the initials on the bottom. While I was seperating them, X came to me. She said she would be leaving with her friend and that I could meet her later.

X is someone I know, but choose not to name.