That's right children, it's playtime, it's Friday>.
Although, Friday isn't shaping up to be anything great. Thus far I've gotten out of bed, gone to work, and realized that the concert I was going to go to tonight is actually tomorrow night.
This leaves me in a peculiar predicament: Nothing to do.

Being the homeschooled highschool senior that I am, I've decided to investigate, and infiltrate (or find and fuck) a "stupid high school party". I've been to many of these, but not since I quit going to public school after my junior year. Basically, I'm not into getting drunk, and I don't smoke pot, and there is nothing to do tonight here in Ashville, so the high school party sounds like something that I can do to entertain myself until it's nighty-nighty time.
Whether I can actually find a stupid highschool party or not is another question entirely, because most of my friends are either not in highschool, or they aren't the "party type".

If all else fails... well, I'll just stay up all night noding.