Today I'm about 3 pages from finishing The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. This book is so wonderful, I don't want to finish it.
I've also started "The Search for Truth" by Michael A. Singer. I'm not quite sure what to expect from this book, I know it's about spirituality, mostly eastern related stuff, you know, chakras, mandalas, mantras, prayer flags, and so on.
I've been told that this book is on of the best overviews of spirituality, so I'm expecting more than just the eastern type stuff, but that's all I've encountered so far.

My car's tape player is still broken, so I'm forced to listen to the radio. Radio music is terrible. I'm so accustomed to being able to pop in a mixed tape with everything from Bob Dylan and Ani DiFranco to Wu Tang Clan on it, or being able to toss some CD's in the car to listen to, that having no control over the music in my car really drives me insane. It wouldn't bother me so much if the music on the radio wasn't so terrible.

So in order to avoid the assault of shit-music, I've taken to listening to the religious stations.
(Before you downvote this, just read on.)
I live in North Carolina, right square in the Bible Belt. So, naturally there are alot of Baptists around here. I've found two religious stations thus far, 106.3 WSKY FM (I've noted the Christian radio call letters similarity to "Whiskey", but ignored it as a coincidence), and 1230 AM "Inspirational".
From my experience, both stations are pretty bland. The religious music is worse than anything I've ever heard, however, sometimes, you get lucky, and hear something good.
What I like is when they take a passage from the Bible and tell all about different translations, how the meaning of a passage changed from it's original Hebrew state to the most common version of the english Bible, the King James Version.
I've also noticed that nothing on these stations is live. Nothing. It's all taped sermons, or taped music with taped DJ's between the songs. I know this because the date is never stated, no news, no weather, nothing... plus, sometimes you can tell the tapes are worn out.
(The only time there is anything live on, is sometimes when they are asking for money they do a live broadcast.)
Once or twice I've heard tapes being played at double speed (or what sounded like double), which was rather interesting. Anyhow, the coolest thing happened today, I heard two tapes being played at the same time. Two simultaneous sermons playing over the radio.
It was great.