I bought my bike today!

It's a big deal to me, I've been planning it, shopping around, doing all kinds of research on them, so I finally got a Schwinn Frontier, it's silver and burgundy, and it's my friend.
So, I bought my bike, rode around, and then went home.
Tonight They Might Be Giants plays here in Asheville, but I blew my load of cash on my bike, and I can't go.
I like They Might Be Giants and all, but they aren't worth $18, I just don't like them that much.

So we were supposed to go to a mini-rave at a place called "The Compound", but I got to feeling a bit queezy, so we decided to rent a few movies, and go home.

First movie we got was "The Crazy Never Die", it's a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson.
It was a pretty good movie, if you can call a thirty minute video a "movie".
Basically the video was a camera crew following Hunter Thompson around during a speaking tour in the 80's, where he bashes Olliver North, and Ronald Reagan

We also got "Homegrown" a touching little film about growing and selling massive amounts of marijuana.
It's pretty good, I'd seen it before, but I love Billy Bob Thorton.