[](r)(ra) (Content Editors) @ TheDeadGuy says Sometimes people get more passionate when you nibble on their ear and whisper a few ideas they've been burying in their subconscious for a while.

[]r)(ra) (Content Editors) $ ac_hyper says Unruly noders who refuse to care about what they're writing don't get ear-nibbles.

Everyone wants to increase the quality of writeups, and everyone agrees that is the mission of the volunteers. They have certain tendencies, however: I'll call them the Seducers and the Guardians.

I'm thinking of Socrates and the Guardians of Plato's Republic. For those of you who require a more multimedia approach, I'll suggest 1960's pop cliché:

If there were a soundtrack/video for the Guardians, it would be All Along the Watchtower (as performed by Jimi Hendrix) with video from Apocalypse Now. These are the admins/editors who championed the highly controversial "raising the bar" campaign, and got themselves mired in an Intarweb quagmire not unlike Vietnam. For the Guardians, this is like the Tet Offensive, nuking trashy writeups as fast as they emerge from their tunnnels. It's not yet 1975 with the Hueys evacuating people off the Embassy roof.

For the Seducers' soundtrack, to keep with my Sixties theme, I can't choose between Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit ("Go Ask Alice"... "Feed your head!") or Scott McKenzie's San Francisco ("If you're going to San Francisco/Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."). Video from Leonard Nimoy's 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" rounds out the picture nicely. Our Seducers lead by example, but the example they set is ... challenging.

No one really fits these categories, of course (except TheDeadGuy, who is a Seducer through and through) but most of us have strong tendencies one way or the other. Some of us a have multiple personalities: "dannye the God" talks and acts like a Guardian but "dannye the noder" writes like a Seducer.

I aspire to seduction but fear I don't have enough writing talent to pull it off.