i had strange dreams last night, but am not in the mood to log them at present, though i've details scrawled upon blank page, waiting to be transformed into something other than random text. simply odd, they were, and the reasoning behind them escapes me.. though i can piece bits of my past days together to suggest why i might have dreamt such things.

this weekend promises to be at least somewhat "busy". i've to attend thanksgiving type stuff this coming monday, and the siblings have that day off as well, which is nothing short of highly annoying, but i can deal. my brother should be home as well for the first time since he went off to college.. hopefully, he is not mope-ish. (if you read this, take note, no mopeishness this weekend, mmkay?)

he leaves today for a while, not so long.. but then leaves once again this coming friday, and thusly, though i always miss him muchly, it will be a higher level of longing and whatnot for the next little while. november is coming so quickly, though, so quickly.. but still not quite fast enough. whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder didn't have to wait months and months to see the most infinitely dreamy human alive. well, even if they were waiting for someone dreamy, they forgot to tack on the end part about it also causing much aching in said heart.. but i can deal.

i need to pick up my plane tickets already. yeesh. so annoying. parental figures slacking.

well, i'll slap more text here later. not really in the mood to ramble anymore. i just added one of those boring crappy crap daylogs, didn't i? oh well.