I really don't know where any of this came from, perhaps it's something I wanted to hear once. It seems a bit.. something, I don't know, but I kind of like it. It's meant to be read fairly quickly, not slowly, it's not really to be dissected, savoured, it's not that kind of writing. Actually, it's another example of text that is better listened to than read, sometimes things just seem more profound when you close your eyes..

You see his face and you know it could have saved you once but it's past too late now. It's collapsing around you, or it already has, and now it is closing in for the kill. Don't let it take you, you can fight it but it doesn't come easy, the strength. If you feel it even a little then you can be sure it is there, but you can't be sure you'll be able to embrace all that it is, all that it means and the look on your face conveys every ounce of emotion that is flowing through you. You don't have to speak because I can see, you don't have to explain because trust me, I know. I know how you feel and I know what it's like, I can be your last chance, your last hope for something better, if you would only let me.. just let me into your heart let me fill your soul with what it needs so badly, has needed for so long.

It isn't the end, the end is when you want it to be and I know you don't want it to end here, not like this. Just forget the hurt, let the pain slip through the tips of your fingers, let it seep from every pore in your body just let it go. You let it eat at you, you know what it is doing to you but you refuse to stop it, you're in love with the pain, the sadness you need it, you thrive on it because to you, there is nothing else. But I can show you I can help you to see there is more, and you are more, more than this fleshy figure before me, more than the outer layer of frustration and hurt.

You are more than all of this, you have it within you to be so much more for yourself, for the Universe, for me.. just let it go.