I didn't accomplish anything today, nothing at all, take that universe, take that! I didn't do anything, but I know I made at least one person smile, so it's okay. Though, I really honestly do need to do some of these things I keep putting off over and over again.

There is talk of moving, relocation. I guess I am moving in August, or something. So terribly undecided, divided, filled with agonizing confusion over the entire ordeal. Moving right along.. don't want to think about it.

We had a thunderstorm today.. lots of lightning and thunder and just now I thought of something and half-expected my ex to call tonight for some unknown reason but that is not where I was going with this train of concious thought. What I was going to say, before that rude little false memory mishap interrupted, was that my little brother managed to slip in that if you stood on the roof and held a potato up into the air, you could bake it with lightning. (And make french fries.) Upon our laughter he interjected, "I saw it on a cartoon!" He was half-joking around, but we couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at his expense.

I'm so tired right now though I couldn't say why, I think I'm still sort of sick from before, I still have a bit of a cough now and then. I don't have any energy, which is another reason I've not accomplished the things I wanted to. I guess I could start eating and sleeping properly, this is getting a bit ridiculous I guess.

Still don't have my stamps, how insanely annoying.

This daylog is going nowhere at warp speed. I'll add more later, when something actually happens.