I had to get up early and go to work, and thus my entire sleeping pattern will be thrown off for close to a week, hopefully less but who knows with such things.

Work is always humorous, and the people, well, it's kind of neat to meet random strangers and be allowed access to their house (or in this case, barn). We were insulating the ceiling in a small portion of the lower half of the barn with Sprayfoam Insulation, I guess this man lives there in the barn. I always thought that would be neat, to convert a barn to a home, but this barn wasn't really appropriate for such things. It was quite boring at the jobsite, it always is, but my uncle tends to liven things up at least to a point. The owner of the place came down at about 9, we'd been there since 8:30 or so, and he looked like he had just woke up and was kind of dazed. He had a funny messed up hair look about him.. and he talked really fast, and stuff.

It's odd how when you try to write about the day before you sometimes forget 90% of what happened. I give up. It was a funny day, I swear!