I'm being held captive in a large house, along with a few other people. The people who keep us here are a strange mix of fraternity and ROTC types. Their leader is someone I know pretty well; it's almost as though he's my younger brother.

There's a party going on downstairs. I even go down and have some fun a few times; there are some very cute women there, and I occasionally go and make out with one of them. I soon find myself back in my old room, however, feeling a little guilty.

The group of prisoners occasionally try to come up with ideas on how to break out, but none of us are very enthusiastic or energetic about it. After a long, muted, hopeless-sounding discussion, we decide that there's nothing we can do. When we ask why we're trapped here, we just say: Because he's smarter than we are.

There are some pretty obvious interpretations for this. I see alot of my fear of having fun in this, especially in the guilt after pleasure. The overall sense of being held captive by something smarter than me is also accurate; I tend to think about things so much that I rarely act on them.

Update: interesting that this got downvoted quite so quickly. (This is my first try at a dream log entry, in case you couldn't tell.) Are there some unwritten (or, written but not found by me) rules about which dreams are worthy of the writeup? Or are dream logs routinely downvoted to keep people from using them to just rack up XP? Please /msg any insight. Thanks.

Further Update: Ah, nevermind, I think I found the answer: The Problem With DayLogs. At least I know not to take it personally. Much. :) (And I'll freely admit that it's a pretty dry bit of writing. Sorry.)

The scene is some living room, I am in front of a TV, connected to the internet (presumably via WEB-TV). I am urgently trying to fill various screens of colored blocks by clicking on hyperlinks. If I do not fill each screen correctly, I have the sense that some remote system will go down.

Occassionally, I get these speaker-phone calls from some nameless voice, who keeps me updated on the status of the various systems. Occassionally they will urge me to go faster.

The screen that lasted the longest was the one with red blocks. I was clicking and clicking but it didn't seem to fill up. I kept looking over my shoulder in the direction of the nameless voice on the speaker phone, as if they were actually in the room.

Its almost early morning, about 3am, and I am running down Inverness Way with three of my friends laughing because I am falling behind. "Hey! wait for me, guys," I say. They just giggle and keep running. I cannot identify one of my friend's faces. I look to the right at Ortega Park and notice a guy dressed in white loose clothing sitting on a bench with a boombox on blacktop where there is actually grass in real life. I can hear him in the distance mocking my plea. I stopped running and stare at him. I furrow my brow and give a tough girl look and start walking toward him, but I feel the pulling of my friends. Not a physical pulling, more like they are mentally tugging at me. I turn to my left and look at them. They are stopped about a block down, at the corner of Blackhawk and Inverness. They look hesistant, then run down Blackhawk as my sign to follow them. As I start running again, I have a flashback of my sister mentioning a group of mean japanese kids at her school who bully people in an unsually cruel manner.

We run and run, basically halfway around Ortega Park. Our car is parked across from us. The guy on the bench has disappeared and the green lawn is back, with the same old strip of astroturf installed for the weekend cricket players and the trail of sand for the morning joggers. We are at my old elementary school, which is next to Ortega. My friends and I area walking and catching our breaths. I see my sister with her friends between two buildings. She smiles and I go to say hi, but Heather runs to one of the nearby lunch benches worriedly. I look back up to see Kira and one of her friends not in sight. I look down again and they are both on benches. My sister has an accupuncture needle in the side of her neck and looks 80% dead. She explains to us that she has been poisoned with a chemical starting with the letter U and ending with 8 to make her forget what has happened, but doesn't explain further. Her friend, Hiroko, has been poisoned with strychnine to erase her memories and lower her concentration. She, too, has a needle in her neck. Neither of them know what the needles are for. I tell them not to move or panic because that will only worsen the poisoning. My friends and I begin to carry them to Lindsey's car, but as we near a corner of one of the buildings, we noticed three Japanese boys in loose white clothing (similar to KKK but without a hood) with spear-like weapons prodding someone dressed in black and blue. We stop to think things over. My sister tells us those are the boys that poisoned her and Hiroko. I look up again to notice something pale blue and ghost-like rising from the boys body with a shrill cry. Hiroko says they won't care if we go, but to leave them there. We risk the chance of taking Kira and Hiroko with us. When we are halfway across the grass field, they start to chase after us. We manage to load Kira and Hiroko in the back and Lindsey and Heather get in the car. I tell them to start going because we won't be able to load everyone in the car, there isn't enough time. So me and my other friend climb on the top of the car. The boys start pulling at our legs but we managed to get going. The boys get in their car and they start to rear end us. I hop off of the car since we are near my house. Then I hear a car crash. I do not know if anyone lived.

4:49am. I run to my house, but hear voices inside that are not my parents'. I go in through the front door very quietly, and sneak upstairs, past the asian girl sitting at the kitchen table doing something. It looks like she's preparing small throwing weapons. I have my reading glasses on and it appears that my mother has packed everything in her bedroom and left. But as I turn my head, I see something in the corner of my eye. I take my glasses off and notice everything looks completely different. My mother has been brutally killed. Blood is splattered on the mirror. I close the bedroom door quietly and hoped the girl downstairs can't hear me. I go to call 911, but the phone line has been cut. I hear what sounds to be rowdy boys downstairs in my basement playing music. I have this feeling that my sister and her friend are being held hostage downstairs. Two of the guys are coming upstairs. They're probably going to notice the door is closed now.

I go into one of the drawers where I know my father hides one of his loaded guns and quietly remove the screen to the window. As I start climbing out, they start kicking the door down. Outside the window is a structure of wood with semi-see through cloth to filter the sun over our handmade bench. I carefully climb this structure, hoping it can hold my weight. There is only a screen door open underneath me, so the other boys on that level can hear me if I make so much as a peep. I start climbing down a wooden pole when the boys finally breakthrough and look out the window. They begin to yell and the other guys downstairs start coming out from the screen door. I shoot one in the head and run like hell out the gate, and into my mother's small car. I realize I have no keys and run through the front door, open the closet, grab the keys. The girl heard me, so she comes to seize me, but I shoot her in the torso. I run back to the car and drive off.

I can hear they are coming after me and I suspect one of them is holding on to the bottom of my car because I hear clanking noises. As if he were trying to dismantle the underside of the car. So I drive halfway on the sidewalk in hopes of scraping him off. Success. The other guys are still after me, though. So I get onto the main road, where I am pulled over by a cop. He gets out of his car and walks over to my driver window. I urge him to go on the other side of the road. (I don't want him to get hit by the guys in the car coming, soon, I can hear the squealing of their tires getting closer.) The cop doesn't listen to me. As they turn around the corner, I grab the cop by the shirt and pull him into my window. I get him about halfway in when the car smashes into the side of mine, injuring the cop. As he falls out of my window, I grab his little walktalky doohicky and scream into his radio. "Cop down!"

(I woke up, then went back to sleep.)

I dragged him into the passenger seat of his car and got in on the other side. As I'm telling the lady on the otherside of the walktalkymacallit, the Japanese guys turn around and instead of playing chicken, I drive over the island on to the other side of the street, around them, then get back on the right side. I drive down the road and turn onto El Camino figuring El Camino Hospital will be somewhere on that road. The cop tells me how to turn on the sirens so I can run the lights. I explain to the lady on the walkytalkyma-bob what is going on. Japanese boys are chasing me, they are armed and dangerous, our location, the location of my sister and her friend.

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