we had to drown a baby bunny tonight, it was born too early and due to other things that i won't detail, it was just dying a slow and painful death. i hate knowing something died before it got the chance to live. my sister buried it underneath some leetle stones outside.. it was barely bigger than my thumb. oddly, though, it was a strange sort of sadness. i felt no attachment to the poor little thing itself, i only saw it for a second and watched it's little paws move around. i can only imagine how much pain it must have been in, i think that's the worst of it..

i am very much glad to have such dreamy little humans in my life.. i also like that each is good for different leetle things. that is, some are good for verbally punching me in the head and setting me straight when i need it, others are good for consoling, some are good for both. life is good, i think.. yes, and things are nice and stuff.

i'm tired tonight, but i'm also in denial. heh.. this daylog had other content before but i don't want it there anymore so i got rid of it. take that, content, take that.