This is just a short note to tell Chiisuta about the strange ins and outs of creating an easter basket.

Tessie and I went to the big Nugget grocery in town last night, because she was jonesing for some fruit roll-ups, and I needed more veggies, being on the world's most boring anti-allergy diet. They had a big spiffy display of easter stuff, some of it quite fancy.

I thought about getting baskets, but I'm honestly kind of a cheapskate about these things, and I wanted it to be a surprise for Tess. So I decided to wait, and get baskets at someplace cheaper, like Woodruff's. However, among all the little bunny chocolates, they had small boxes of petit fours, which I ADORE. Always reminds me of having high tea at the Plaza, in New York, with my mom.

So I got home, and Tessie and I are digging into our various treats. I thought, the hell with no sugar, I'm going to have a petit four.

I took the beautiful oval pink one out of the box, and started to take a bite. As soon as my teeth touch the outside, brain says, wait, texture is ALL WRONG.

Wax. Candles. Little cute imitation petit four candles.

It always pays to read the fine print.

So, Chiisuta, don't be surprised if there are some petit four candles in your easter basket.

For Chii, and Lometa, because she made me laugh. Love, Shirlee.