There are also seven symbols that are a part of the Kwanzaa celebration.

  1. The mat - this is a symbol of the foundations that communities are built on. It is usually made of straw and is the designated place to put all of the other symbols.
  2. Seven candles - symbolizing the seven principles mentioned in the earlier write ups.
  3. The candlestick - holds the seven candles and is said to represent the branching of the human family. Other sources say that it symbolizes stalks of corn. I'm not exactly sure why.
  4. The unity cup - participants drink from this to memorialize their African ancestors.
  5. Ears of corn - one is placed on the mat for each child present at the celebration.
  6. Mazao - usually fruits and vegetables used to symbolize the simple foods their African ancestors ate.
  7. The gifts - given to children on January 1 and usually have something to do with African culture.