A Denver late night institution that deals breakfast with a pained smile 24 hours a day. Breakfast King is the restaurant that you end up at. You never plan on eating there it just sort of happens.

It's the dream of 1970's hybridization - dreamed up by some mad genius as the ultimate cross between truckstop and greasy spoon diner. The color scheme is best described as swamp. Rust colored vinyl covers every surface intended for seating and the wallpaper is metallic avocado. The bathroom can only be seen. Any attempt that I make at describing it would fall tragically short of conveying the blind terror that waits behind the door marked "Gents."

The menu would be hilarious if you weren't preparing to order something from it. At Breakfast King there can be no breakfast if there is no sauce - gravy (a couple of varieties), hollandaise, syrup, and a bevy of other goo awaits you. Feel free to choose Meatloaf and Eggs or Trout and Eggs. If you're in the mood for brunch why not try a Split Hot Dog Sandwich?

The usual crowd of regulars will probably be there at any given hour - from speed addled truck drivers to cops to hick businessmen. One terribly planned night I ended up eating a cheeseburger surrounded by a horde of drunken country fans fresh from a Clint Black concert. Every single one of them was wearing a brand new Clint Black t-shirt.

If you live in Denver or ever plan on visiting on Denver you should pay a visit to our benevolent ruler Breakfast King and pay tribute to this artifact of days rightfully banished.