hey you forgot erisian::Sweetmorn, day 70 of Confusion, YOLD: 3166 (unacquired)

last night i was assured a job working construction at halloween haunt. yay. now i can pay my girlfriend back the money i owe her (because i am a pathetic excuse for a boyfriend) and get a car. maybe some new joy division cd's and a hawking book or two.

ooooooooorrrr... maybe i'll just screw getting the car, get a tattoo, and buy a bike. =)

life is funny. you see, all the time you're looking out from the inside, and you wonder what everyone thinks looking in. and then one day, you realize..

it's all a big joke..

you stop taking things so seriously, and realize that you are on your own time, and if you really wanted to you can tell your "supervisor" to shove his corporate stopwatch up his pompous, self-serving ass. or your school principal. whatever. it doesn't matter what you(i) wear, it doesn't matter what they do/say, it doesn't even matter what you think although you'd(i'd) like to think it does.
the point is thus: cheese whiz. and remember, chickens don't eat ice cream.

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