(....or as i like to refer to it, "Cajun-in-a-box".)

Zatarain's is a New Orleans based company that manufactors really really tasty cajun foodstuffs for the American public. Almost of these beautiful products come in almost identical boxes(save the difference in product pictured, fork raised ) and need water,oil and about twenty minutes to cook.

The Zatarain's box should be easily identified.
-the heighth and width of the box are approximately that of,say..oh..a dirty book of the Harlequin variety.

I adore Zatarain's for many reasons. For starters, i like cajun food. I also like rice. I also like beans. I'm too lazy to prepare elaborate lunchfood that requires alot of Mise en Place or constant supervision.
Luckily for me,Zatarain's exists and is there to fit the bill.

some of their tasty products(* i recommend/vegan friendly)
-Dirty Rice*
-Dirty Brown Rice
-Black-eyed Peas and Rice*(a.k.a.-Hoppin' John)
-Red Beans and Rice*
-Black Beans and Rice*
-White Beans and Rice
-Creole Seasoning
-Creole Mustard*(note:not in a box!)
-Olives(god, i hope these aren't in a box..)
-Brown Rice Jambalya

MSG heaven!