*/Begin Rant/*

Nowadays, one sees many a humorous t-shirt with variations on the theme "Give Blood: Play {insert violent sport here}." Highly amusing.

Well, just the other day, as I was leaving a particularly painful practice session, I came to the rather disturbing realization that I had just dripped blood all over the fresh, newly purchased, pristine pair of khakis I was about to change into. This was largely the result of the numerous gashes decorating my knuckles, which were themselves the result of having faced a left-handed opponent that day.

Needless to say, a lengthy diatribe about my opponent's sanitary habits, parentage, taste in clothing, ability to fence, and probable affection for barnyard fowl soon followed. I eventually reached the (admittedly irrational) conclusion that left-handed people should be banned from fencing altogether, or perhaps simply brained with a large rock.

Gave me a great idea for a t-shirt, tho.

*/End Rant/*