Not your average airline. It's inexpensive. They deliver exactly what they say they will deliver and there are no frills. They serve peanuts and drinks on most routes. That's it for food. Most passengers bring their own meals.

The staff is known for their casual, friendly style and wonderful sense of humor. They make plenty of jokes in the announcements and play little tricks on each other. In fact, Southwest is the only airline that I'll listen to the announcements on - simply because it's worth it for the entertainment value!

Southwest Airlines is the best thing that has happened to the US air industry in ages! Because their prices are so low, other airlines have been forced to lower their prices on the same routes that Southwest covers. Prices in my home town dropped by almost 50% when Southwest came to town on the routes they fly. Such a relief!

Seating on Southwest is "carnival". When you arrive at the gate, you must stand in line to receive a plastic rectangle with a number on it. Seating is done in groups of 1 - 30, 31 - 60, etc. If you want a number lower than 30, it's necessary to arrive at the gate 90 minutes before the flight. Then, everyone crowds around the boarding area, jockeying for position before boarding. It's hell for claustrophobics. But if you don't mind standing in line and competing for place, it's a great airline!