The Tidal Creek

There is a tidal creek behind my new home. It rises when the tide is in, and drops when the tide is out. It also rises when it rains.

Today it is raining. The creek is teaming with life. Along with the regular Great Egret pair and lone Great Blue Heron, there are Hooded Mergansers swimming in the high water. These ducks seem to all dive together, eating I-don't-know-what.

Other visitors, which I just identified today, include three the Snowy Egrets.

The Great Egrets hunt by standing very still along the banks of the creek or in it. They move slowly, like sloths, when they are hunting. It's a peaceful, delicate dance.

The Snowy Egrets, on the other hand (or thin long leg) hunt by jumping around a lot, flapping their wings. So, with the Snowy Egrets and Mergansers frolicking, the Great Egrets are having trouble finding quiet parts of the stream.

Life thrives here.