I'm thinking of you today. Then again, I think about you every day, even in the moments before I am fully awake. I am thinking of you right now - what you are doing, how I would spend my time with you if I were there, the things I would tell you, how important you are to my life... things you've probably heard countless times before.

I hope your presentation is going well. It makes me feel bad thinking about how much work you are putting into your classes. There's only a week left of it - after today, only four days. Take heart.

I will be skipping out on work soon to come see you... three whole days, gone. It will be a relief from the stress I have to put up with every day, but more importantly, it will be time to see you. It's, what, ten days? Nine days? I can hardly contain myself. I wish the days would run right by.

When will I feel at home here again? Relaxed again? I had it once, not too long ago, like I fit. That was a good feeling. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I know what I've lost. I want to regain that. I feel like I do fit when I'm with you, and that helps me get through the day.

Oh to get off the plane right now and to see your smiling face. Oh to have it now and make it last forever.