E2 is unfriendly to youngest siblings?

The following are the results of the recent Adler, Sulloway, and Zajonc invade E2 survey:

What is your birth order?

50.50% (51) I am the oldest
14.85% (15) I am an only child
11.88% (12) I am the youngest
07.92% (08) I am near the middle
02.97% (03) I wasn't born. I came into this world as a fully formed adult... with secret super-powers too
02.97% (03) None of the above.
01.98% (02) I was functionally an only child, because everyone else left home
01.98% (02) I was functionally the oldest growing up, because the older ones already left
01.98% (02) I was functionally the youngest growing up, because the younger ones lived elsewhere
01.98% (02) I grew up in a non-family environment
00.99% (01) I am one of the youngest middle children

Oldest siblings appear to be over-represented in the survey - if all siblings were to be represented, one would expect approximately equal numbers of oldest and youngest siblings. What conclusions can we draw from this? Maybe not much other than wild conjecture, but it does seems to point to some sort of psychological trend, even if we don't know the cause.

Some possible explanations:
1. A hacker broke into the database and falsified the results.
2. An E2 god used his powers to "massage" the data.
3. Everythingians like to claim they are oldest children, even when they are not.
4. Youngest siblings don't like to vote in surveys like this as much.
5. Youngest siblings don't spend as much time on the internet.
6. Youngest siblings don't like the type of social networking site that E2 represents, and prefer some other kind of website.
7. A sample size of 101 tells you nothing.
8. The Custodian says: Maybe oldest siblings are more comfortable assuming the mantle of 'explaining' things?

Any other possible explanations? Please /msg me. Personally, I was quite surprised at the results of this survey, so if you can "un-surprise" me, I'd be grateful =)