There, awake, I open my eyes. To breathe yet another breath, and live yet another life. As I have begun this new life I entertain the thoughts and passions that begin to enchant my senses. Little hairs rise from my skin, my soul expands. Many others like myself are crying at this point, crying for food, for freedom, but I am silent. I take a look at these things that entreat my senses and I laugh. I need none of this physical laughter to become what I am to become, and I need not these senses that speak to me in so many whispers.

"Are you not afraid child?" Speaks the spirit above me, "Your life is coming to an end already, and it has only just begun."

"What life is this you speak of? A life of nothingness? Pointless I say, I shall enter into your existence and rebuke it like I am rebuking this. What is life?"

"Your language is good for my world, you shall not leave us so easily." She touches my forehead with her forefingers and pulls back taking with it a single golden strand. I can feel this strand, it is the umbilicus of my soul, and I am being pulled out. My newfound senses are becoming dull, all I feel now is this strange prickly feeling, like a thousand tiny needles poking me all over. And my legs are one, and my legs are numb, and my hands are free from their confined prisons, and my chest no longer heaves so heavily as it had only moments before. My navel is being pulled, my soul is leaking from my forehead, and I am following this strand that the spirit has pulled from me.

"This, the spirit world, is not what I have come to attain. What is its virtues that you see would be so alluring to me?" I say doubting already the promise of the spirit that I would not leave. And in response the spirit opens itself and bids me enter. What I see now is something so beautiful that I cannot find words for it. A million colours never attainable in my last form are now before me. I can smell them and taste them and cut them into tiny pieces to serve as afternoon snacks. They wind around me and tickle my soul and fill me up with laughter and sorrow and tears, so many tears. This place is a dream I now discover, and equally unreal. This is heaven and hell, and everything that I could imagine in the vast confines of my conscious self.

"Is this not everything you could ever dream and more? This is contentment, this is spiritual wealth!" The angel stands before me as if reciting a script he had been practicing over the millennia, an over actor and a menace to me.

"I seek neither contentment nor wealth, but to be fully what I am and this world is nothing more than an illusion." What a look of disappointment and disgust I see before me. But what is this? As if this world were made of canvass it is being torn away. Sliver after sliver of white silver light is leaking through these large cracks and suddenly this world is shattered away from me and I am rising and I am falling and swirling around and around. And my own spirit and soul is being torn as well as I become one with this light and my awareness slips away from me into true happiness and joy.

I, now expanded outward with no limits to my soul, am steadily slipping away from what I have come to know as consciousness. A penetrating calm runs through me as I become insignificant in the span of time. Time. What is time? Certainly I have not lived long enough to grasp what meaning it really has. But this isn't right, this isn't truth, what I am. I am something, yet I am nothing. What is this experience I am sharing with thousands of others who have been here for a thousand spans of time. This is not real, this is not full, and this beyond anything else is truly nothing, disguised as something. I am finding it hard to concentrate now, yet I have no intentions of losing myself in this "world" that grips me tighter and tighter. I slowly bring my mind into focus, and pull my soul away from this world, separating myself from this nothingness. And the silver white that had surrounds, and even penetrates me becomes tainted and distant.

Now I find myself viewing it in my hand, contained within a large glass sphere. I slowly come to the realization that I contain the lives of a billion souls within my hand. My hand, I am a form again, I can see and feel. I am beyond the physical and the spiritual. I am a god.

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