All of your dreams will come true. Two hundred million years from now, the squid will emerge triumphantly as the largest land animal. The megasquid will weigh 8 tons. Large muscular legs will support his royal bulk, and it will have no skeleton to speak of. By that time, the continents have once again merged to form a supercontinent called Pangea II. In the northwest corner of this uber-continent will be a dense forest with drenching rainstorms, an atmosphere high in carbon dioxide, and conifers the size of today's Redwoods. This will be the domain of the megasquid. The mighty cephalopod will have a special network of muscles in its legs that are both vertical and circular. To walk the megasquid will alternately swing his enormous legs forward. When the megasquid stands still, its legs will lock and the cartilage-like muscles will serve as a base. Also, the giant land squid will have 6-foot tentacles to grasp fruit and leaves. To breathe and emit calls, it will use a vocal sac on its forehead. The MEGASQUID's ancestors are the elusive giant squid, the cuttlefish, and the octopus.

That's what the experts at Animal Planet say. You can believe whatever you want. Just warn your children to warn their children, to warn their children, let sleeping megasquids lie.

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