Ack! Barf! Hack!

I have just taken my daily birth control pill, and inadvertently chewed it up, causing me to become precariously close to vomiting. The pill makes me nauseous to begin with, so I generally take it before bed, less time awake means less time for my stomach to revolt against the hormones.

Tonight, however, the pill is wet white gack on my molars. I will try not to vomit as best I can.

Five Things I am Thankful For Today:

-slow days at work, full of nodin' & readin'
-prompt editorial advice (from Tem42 and Demeter)
-caffeine free Dr. Pepper
-Jacque at work, who sings off key to Christmas carols that she doesn't know the words to - She's hilarious.
-coupon clipping in the Sunday paper

I have addressed and written just under half of my Christmas cards, including one for Rancid_Pickle. My cards this year feature a pooping dog- better seen than explained. If you want one, /msg me with your address, or direct me to your homenode. My hands are tired from writing in longhand, and my body craves sleep. My eyes are pinking up with lust for the featherbed, and the alarm clock beckons for me to set it for 0430 am. I hear and obey.