So should the judge have allowed the Boston Public Schools to continue to be run by a school board consisting of irish folks who gave exactly two shits about the black kids in roxbury? The way the plan was implemented was terrible, more so because in addition to screwing with the xenophobic irish kids (if you sense I'm bitter here, it because these nice irish kids used to beat the crap out of me in high school for being a faggot), it closed a bout a dozen schools contributing to overcrowding. Busing from the suburbs was really the only way to deal with it, but that would never happen; people living there were doing so partly because they wanted to use their money to isolate themselves from the city and all the scary negroids living there. I can't even imagine how much people in Newton would've whined if their perfect children were forced to go to school with dark skinned people. Hell they would've screamed bloody murder if their kids had to go to school in Southie.


Ok, I've calmed down a bit and looked at what I just wrote. It's really really obnoxious, but I'm going to leave it here anyway as a good example of how pissed off people were about this stuff. I was born in '81 after the worst of all this, and I still get angry. Boston is a funny place, and I'm sort of bitter lately about the gentrification in my neighborhood (Jamaica Plain) that will virtually gaurantee I can never afford a home there. I will say now that I am inherently biased against people who live in suburbs.