One of the more famous bootleg recordings from former Hüsker Dü guitarist Bob Mould.
The title is taken from a lyric in Mould's The Hanging Tree off of 1990's Black Sheets of Rain.
Released by a label called Kiss The Stone in 1994.

The show itself is memorable for three reasons; firstly is the set list, which is made up of songs from the Hüskers, Sugar, and Mould's first two solo albums. However, the show itself was recorded at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California on May 17, 1991, thereby pre-dating the formation of Sugar.

Secondly, the show is entirely a solo effort. Unlike normal shows where he's accompanied by a backing band, this recording consists only of Mould on guitar and vocals.

Finally, the album contains one of the few known recordings of a song titled Walls In Time.

It's fairly easy to find on KaZaA and other P2P services and is definitely worth a listen to.