Weekly comic strip by San Francisco's Tom Tomorrow. Featured among Salon.com's political cartoons, where it is updated every Monday, and in newspapers like the LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and other Village Voice productions.

About the strip's unique visual look: In the foreword to his 1992 collection, Greetings From This Modern World, Tom Tomorrow explains:

My characters had always been culled from old advertisements (through a collage-and-copy, pen-and-ink process involving no computers, thank you). I appropriated their obscene cheerfulness for my own ends, but for the satire to be effective, they had to stay in character ("Gosh Biff, isn't the President's new policy terrific?")

The bitter, wise-cracking Sparky the Penguin was born as a way for the strip to take an occasional break from its toxic sarcasm and be completely blunt about its points.