One of my favorite weird (and legit) eBay auctions was for the Russian Boran-5 orbital shuttle, an actual auction that, sadly, never garnered any bids.


Russian Boran Orbital Space Shuttle, 1/4 size of US Shuttles! One of two of five (sic) remaining. Has space for One-man seat. Three have been scraped. One other is in Moscow Aviation collection, the other is at Edwards Air Force Base Warehouse. Only Boran-5 and the other in Moscow made successful Orbital flights. There are only TWO LEFT in existence! This one is complete and has NOT been gutted or parted out. Boran-5 must find a Home. Please find him a big front yard. Great for display in front of Airports, Observatories, Planetariums, and Colleges! Phone questions: 818-766-6858(ROSS)

The bidding started at $100000.00, which was apparently far too much for any aviation enthusiast. The funny thing is that the payment options listed COD.

*ding dong*

"Hey, I gotta package here for a Mr. I.P. Freely. Wanna give me a hand with this?"

"No, no. That's all right. Just leave it in the yard."

"All right, sir. That'll be a hundred thousand dollars... will this be cash or credit?"

Lucky eBay purchaser uses surplus Russian nerve gas to subdue delivery person, then hops in his (or her) brand new space vehicle for a quick get away...

"What? No boosters? Curses, foiled again!"

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