They slipped me some pills, and I didn't know what they were. At that point I didn't care, and smoked and swallowed everything in sight. The floors were slanted, an old motel and the carpet a faded lime green. A cat wandered around drunkenly, I don't know what they did to her, maybe blew a little too much smoke in her face. She'd run and smash into walls randomly, and I thought maybe it was because of the slant. But I didn't know.

I had a rock from the time we went to the beach. It was a strange beach, unlike the ones I'm used to in southern California, and all these rocks in strange shapes. They probably weren't even really rocks because I could carve into it. With all my pills I sat in the corner and carved into my rock that was shaped like a fish. I remember finding it there at the beach, we climbed upon this cliff of sand and I almost fell and scraped my knees. I liked Adam then, he told us he was a chef and he brought home pies from Coco's, but we found out he was lying and he stole the pies instead.

I carved and I carved for days, sitting in the corner, carving my beautiful fish shaped rock into a pipe. I'd sometimes ask someone to get me a new streetsweeper thing, these long sharp metal things that littered the streets. Once, Scott came with his girlfriend, his girlfriend who looked like my twin and people would sometimes mistaken me for her. I wondered if that's why he liked me, as we spent hours staring at one another in the smoke filled rooms, but it didn't matter. He came and he asked what I was doing in the corner, and I only sneered at him and turned my back and continued carving. But it made me angry then, he was slanted against the floor and I couldn't see him straight, and all I wanted to focus on was my damn rock.

So they left me and I sat there for days, carving and carving, and eventually it wore off and I wondered where the time went. But I had a perfect pipe, and I think maybe it was worth it. The next day the cat fell out of the window and she died, she didn't land on her feet because they had declawed her. It was probably best, she never could find the litter box, anyway.

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