As mentioned in my previous editor log, I've decided to stop posting links to nuked writeups and their authors because it amounts to negative nodevertising, which is lame. So, feeling ambitious, I started out this month's editing by going back and removing links in all of my old editor logs. Suffice it to say I'm glad this fancy took me after only seven months on the job.... but going back to all those old logs has taught me a few things about my editing style, which I'm going to inflict on all y'all now, if only just to show myself that I'm learning from my mistakes and suchforth:

  • Around half of my deletions, maybe a bit more, are due to nuke requests or other interactions with their authors, or because a writeup was superceded by newer content of higher quality. The other half offended my delicate sensibilities, the anal-retentive English teacher who lives in my forebrain (fear her), or fell victim to some other whim.
  • I'm getting soft in my old age: I used to nuke with penalty a lot more often.
  • No one has ever accepted my offer to remove records of embarrassing writeups: this is probably because I have not remembered to include it in all of my editor logs, and also because most people who get Klaproth messages don't go looking to see if the editor who kicked their puppy made a public note of it. Hrm.
  • I like having editor logs, if only for my own edification, so there.

That said, back to business, more or less as usual:



  • Batman Forever (thing) by artful (mercifully) because it was superceded by BrianShader's writeup. The author of the deleted writeup appears to have never made the switch to e2.
  • How to tell the difference between Socialism and Communism (idea) by iandunn (mercifully) because it was factually incorrect.
  • Libertarian Communism (idea) by cosmonaut (mercifully) because it was factually incorrect. Performed fled user node audit.
  • Brothers Karamazov (thing) by cosmonaut because the exact same text was also at The Brothers Karamazov, which is the correct title of the book. Filed nodeshell deletion request as well.
  • Real Numbers are Uncountable - proof (idea) by hodgepodge (mercifully) because it was incorrect.
  • E2 Nuke Request (idea) by jasonm (mercifully) because I was on my way to working on the writeups in question.
  • water has negative calories (idea) by jasonm (mercifully) by nuke request
  • E2 Nuke Request (thing) by LaggedyAnne (mercifully) because I was on my way to working on the writeups in question.
  • suicide bombing (thing) by LaggedyAnne (mercifully) at the author's nuke request. I talked to LaggedyAnne about it, because I actually kind of liked the writeup in question, but she had a good reason for wanting it gone, and so it (and the obnoxious comments a topic like this are unfortunately bound to attract) will trouble her no longer.
  • ice you make me ache like a ice inside, it is lonely makes my forehead tight, hurts (idea) by Jpers36 (mercifully) because we discussed it and here it goes....
  • Marcie (person) by karfung because cut and paste writeups will die, especially ones that openly announce themselves as such.
  • You're an Asshole! Here's my phone number. (idea) by MissCreant (mercifully) because it was replying to a writeup that no longer existed. User has been gone for 2 years, or I would have asked for it to be amended.
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? (thing) by Tonic (mercifully) because it was one long spoiler that added very little to the node. Talked it over with the author first.
  • The worst childrens book ever (idea) by TAFKAH (mercifully) by discussion with the author.
  • sometimes, i need this. (idea) by benchappel (mercifully) because it was an unformatted, mispunctuated ramblerant and the author hasn't been on e2 in 2 years so I can't ask for a revision.
  • Punky Brewster: A human contradiction (person) by musicaljon (mercifully) because it was stupid and mispunctuated and the author hasn't been around in two years to fix it.
  • How to Fight Loneliness (idea) by 0x45 after messaging the author, who agreed that it was in pretty poor taste.
  • I know all the cannabis activists would like you to believe differently but by Kallen because the writeup doesn't match its title and the author has't been around for two years to explain it to me or edit it.
  • The latihan of Subud (thing) by OZielke because it's a cut and paste from ( and the noder in question isn't around to make it more clearly attributed to its author.
  • Cover letter (thing) by Speaker because I asked the author to edit it a month ago and never got a reply. The noder in question hasn't been around for 6 months but I encouraged re-posting with new and improved formatting.


I'm trying to keep better track of my noder interaction in my editorial capacity, and in particular to increase it. Discovering that I only communicated with writeups' authors for about half of my deletions has me feeling kind of self-conscious.