I was lying in my bed, looking at the ceiling, and suddenly I stood up - I had finally decided to do it. I took my backpack, it had contained this 3 metre piece of steel cable for about half a year already, I put on my shoes and left.

When I arrived at the bridge, it was rather quiet there, no wind or anything, so I tied the cable around the railing, put the other end around my neck, climbed the edge, and jumped down.

It was a highway bridge, with about 10 metres of height, with a few cars driving by occasionally. So, I fell, and when the cable was pulled tight around my neck, it snapped and I kept falling. It felt like flying. When I landed, I broke my backbone, a piece of bone pressed hard against my spinal cord, and my legs were paralyzed.

It takes a long time, a few years, for this kind of fracture to heal completely. Soon I'll be in a wheelchair, maybe even for the rest of my life. But right now, after a month from the injury, it's still too early, the doctor says, to let me sit aywhere, so I spend my days lying down, surfing the Internet with my laptop.

But I guess it wasn't my time to pass away yet.

Spinal fractures have to heal by themselves, just like any other fracture, there really is no medicine to help with that. Broken arms and legs are casted, to restrict movements, but since that is impossible with a broken backbone, you just have to lie down, not to strain your back. Those whose legs aren't that paralyzed, are allowed to walk, it's a weird situation, you can lie down or stand up, but sitting is forbidden by the doctors, at least in for the first few months.