Melville's Moby Dick, as interpreted by Dr. Seuss

Ishmael, Ishmael is my name!
Ask me again and I'll tell you the same!
Once I was bored and broke as can be
So for some fun I set off to sea.
I do this when I can't find my smile
Because it helps to clear my head for a while.

Over here, over there -
People, people everywhere!
People clogging up the docks
Or in stores buying clocks.
They fill the streets and every house -
There's hardly room for a mouse!

Why do they crowd this seaside town?
Many can't swim. Will they drown?
The ocean is what draws them here,
The life of the water holds them dear.
Near the surf which meets the sand
These people choose to live on dry land.

I go to sea as a sailor -
Not as a butcher, a cook or a tailor.
The captain says to swab the deck,
To do it right because he'll check.
To be a sailor you must be strong -
The work is hard and the nights are long.