Hate to say it but I worked there. (now I'm vegan tee hee)

Tips for the McDonald's goers amongst us who would like to "get the most for their money":

* If you find yourself in a less-than-average McD's and worry about the state of what you're buying, look into the holding bins (the metal thing with all the burger slides), there should be a little card/number standing up behind the burger you're about to buy. (If not, then complain. It's a problem and it'll throw people into hissies, since 90% of employees don't know how to use them properly) Anyway, the number refers to the numbers on a clock, but not the hour, rather the minutes. If the big hand is already past the number that shows, then the burger is not good to eat.

* To get your burger fresh, you can either point that out and make them throw them all away, or you can just special order a burger (it'll always be fresh -- ESPECIALLY if you ask for it without salt. All burgers are salted and to make a burger without salt requires cooking everything fresh from scratch). By far the best idea if you have the time.

* To get your fries fresh (this is a little more advanced -- it's for more regular McD goers) watch the vats into which the cold fries are dropped. A button will be pushed to start a time, after 30 seconds the timer will beep to say shake the fries, after another minute the beeper will ring again to take the fries out. Then in 5 minutes the beeper should ring again (as long as new fries haven't been put into the fryer) saying that the fries are too old. At that point, they must be thrown out. (Almost no one does -- hence bad fries)

* The last tip for today is: complain. You will ALWAYS get your way if you argue with a manager. They simply don't have the time to deal with it and by typing in a 4 digit number they can give you ANYTHING free and they almost certainly will.

NOTE: I tell you all this NOT necessarily because I want you to eat more burgers or fries (which by the way are ALSO covered in lard -- they are NOT vegetarian) but because in using these techniques you take money out of the pockets of McDonald's.

More tips to come.

Forgot to mention: I don't think Ray Kroc really was all was that bad. I mean, what he produced, sure. But he himself was pretty cool. From what I know, whenever he went into a McD's (after the store was bought away from him in the 60s or 70s) if the bathroom was dirty, he would clean it himself. He cared about his idea -- it's what came after that that turned evil. You know, kind of like Annakin and Darth Vader.